Asa's Children's Books Lists

Juvenile Picture Books

Title Author ISBN
Arthur and the Sword Sabuda, Robert 0689820313
Cathedral Macaulay, David 0395175135
Do Knights Take Naps? Tucker, Kathy 0807516953
Dwarf, the Giant, and the Unicorn: A Tale of King Arthur Giblin, James C 0395605202
Elfwin's Saga    
Excalibur Talbott, Hudson 0688133800
Favorite Medieval Tales Osborne, Mary P 0590600427
Hunchback of Notre Dame Hugo, Victor 0531300552
Knights Howe, John 0531094561
Lancelot Talbott, Hudson 0688148328
Medieval Feast Aliki 64460509
Three Dimensional Medieval Castle Tong, Willabel L 0670877654
Till Year's Good End: A Tale of Medieval Labors Nikola-Lisa, W. 0689800207

Juvenile Fiction

Title Author ISBN
Anna of Byzantium Barrett, Tracy 0385326262
The Black Arrow Stevenson, Robert Louis  
Cantebury Tales Chaucer, Geoffrey  
Catherine, Called Birdy Cushman, Karen 0064405842
Don Quixote Cervantes Saavedra  
Door in the Wall Angeli, Marguerite D 0440227798,0440402832,038507283x
Favorite Norse Myths Osborne, Mary P 0590480472
Hunchdog of Notre Dame (Wishbone) Friedman, Michael Jan 1570642702
Ivanhoe Scott, Sir Walter  
Juggler Moressy, John 805042172
Juliet: Rescue at Marlehead Manor, England, 1340 Simon & Schuster 0689809875
Knights of the Round Table Blyton, Enid 1901881725
Lancelot: The Adventures of King Arthur's Most Celebrated Chaundler, Christine 0517146363
Man in the Iron Mask Dumas, Alexander  
Midwife's Apprentice Cushman, Karen 0395692296
Ramsay Scallop Temple, Frances 0531068366
Robin Hood Pyle, Howard  
Spider's Voice Skurzynski, Gloria 0689821492
Squire's Tale Morris, Gerald 0440228239
The Story of King Arthur and His Knights Pyle, Howard  
The Three Musketeers Dumas, Alexander  
Trumpeter of Krakow Kelly, Eric Phi 002750140x, 0689715714
The Winter Hare Goodman, Joan Elizabeth 0395785693



Title Author ISBN
Armor Yue, Charlotte 395681014
Bibles and Bestiaries: A Guide to Illuminated Manuscripts Wilson, Elizabeth 0374306850
Castles Riggs, Jennifer 590463772
Castles Baines, Francesca 0531152677
Coloring Book of the Middle Ages Belerphon Books 0883880075
Days of Knights and Damsels: An Activity Guide Carlson, Laurie M. 1556522916
DK Pockets: Castles DK Publishing 0789420473
Draw Medieval Fantasies Reinagle, Damon J. 0939217309
Eyewitness: Medieval Life Langley, Andrew 0789460386
Eyewitness: Castles    
Eyewitness: Vikings    
Focus on Vikings Ganeri, Anita  
Fun with Medieval Stencils Kennedy, Paul E. 0486293254
Giotto and Medieval Art: The Lives and Works of the Mas Corrain, Lucia 0872263150
How Castles Were Built Hicks, Peter 0817281193
How Would You Survive the Middle Ages? McDonald, Fiona 0531153061
I Wonder Why Castles Had Moats and Other Questions Steele, Philip 1856978796
Knights: Fact of Fiction Ross, Stewart 0761304681
Knights Activity Book Adam, Winky 0486403564
Marco Polo Graves, Charles P 079101505x
Stephen Biesty's Cross Sections: Castle Platt, Richard 1564584674
The Truth About Castles Clements, Gillian 0876145527
Troubadors Storybag: Musical Folktales of the World Livo, Norma J. 1555919537
Vikings Nicholson, Robert 0716672219

Juvenile History

Title Author ISBN
1,000 Years Ago on Planet Earth Collard, Sneed B. 0395908663
Atlas of the Medieval World: In Europe (IV-XV Centuries) Pierre, Michael 0872265307
Beginning History: Viking Explorers Matthes, Rupert 1852107758
Castle Macaulay, David  
Castle Diary: The Journal of Tobias Burgess, Page Platt, Richard 0763604895
Castles Taylor, Barbara 754802078
Cathedral: The Story of its Construction Macaulay, David 0395316685
Crusades Child, John 0872261190
DK Discoveries: Castle at War: The Story of a Seige Langley, Andrew 0789434180
Explorers and Traders Time Life, Inc. 080949373x
First Facts about the Vikings Morley Jacqueline 0872264971
Fourteenth-Century Towns Clare, John D. 0152013202
Growing up in Viking Times Tweedle, Dominic 0816727260
How we know About the Vikings James Louise 0872265358
How Would you survive as a Viking Morley, Jacqueline 0531153029
I Wonder Why Castles Had Moats and Other Questions Steele, Phillip 0753450704
If You Were There in 1492: Everyday Life and Times of Brenner, Barbara 0689822413
Inside Story: A Viking Town MacDonal, Fiona 0750015853
Journey Through History: The Middle Ages Rius, Maria 0812033868
Knight and His Horse Oakeshott, Ewart 0802312977
Knights Steele, Phillip 531153126
Knights and Armor Kerr, Daisy 0531153126
Knights and Castles Hindley, Judy 1580861830
Knights and Castles Dargie, Richard 0817281223
Knights in Armor Clare, John D. 0152013083
Knights in Shining Armor Gibbons, Gail 0315309486, 0316300381
Life in the Middle Ages Barron's Educational 0764150944
Life in the time of Harald Hardrada and the Vikings Speed, Peter 0745151906
Looking at Norse Myths & Legends: The Giant King Kerven, Rosalind 0844247006
Long Ago in a Castle: What Was it like Living Safe behind Farre, Marie R. 0944589065
Marco Pola and the Medieval Explorers Stefoff, Rebecca 0701012948
Measly Middle Ages Deary, Terry 0590598487
Medieval Castle MacDonald, Fiona 0872263401, 0872262588,
Medieval Castle Pipe, Mim 0761305017
Medieval Cathedral MacDonald, Fiona 0872263509
Medieval Knights Cairns, Trevor 0521389534
Medieval Messenter Flemming, Fergus 0746027494
Medieval Muck Dobson, Mary 0199105286
Medieval World Steele, Phillip 0753453037
Middle Ages Howarth, Sarah 0195213947
Middle Ages MacDonald, Fiona 0872265331
Middle Ages Barron's Educational 0764109480
Middle Ages Caselli, Giovanni 0877262634
Middle Ages: A Watts Guide for Children Jordon, William Chest 0531117154
Mystery History of a Viking Longboat Finney, Fred  
Myths and Civilization of the Vikings Martell, Hazel Mar 0872262855
Normans Chrisp, Peter 1568471742
Norman Impact on the Medieval World Gormley, Kathleen 0521466016
Other Half of History: Women in Medieval Times MacDonald, Fiona 0872265692
Queen Eleanor: Independent Spirit of the Medieval World Brooks, Polly S. 0395981395
Roman Empire and the Dark Ages Caselli, Giovanni 0872265633
Royal Kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songbay McKissack, Patricia L. 0805042598
Step Into.The Viking World Steele, Philip 1859676855
Story of King Arthur Lister, Robin 0753451018
Usborne Illustrated Guide to Norse Myths & Legends Evans, Cheryl 0746000103
Usborne Starting Point History: Who Were the Vikings? Usborne 0746020392
Viking Explorers Pruneti, Luigi 0872264866
Viking Explorers Gallagher, Jim 0791061655
Viking Invader Dowswell, Paul 0791061655
Viking Life Guy, John 0764106317
Viking Longboat Finney, Fred 0761305904
Viking News Wright, Rachel 076360450x
Viking Times Mason, Anthony 0689811985
Viking Town Morley, Jaqueline 0531153800
Vikings Hook, Jason 1568470606
Vikings Grant, Neil 195213939
Vikings Nicholson, Robert 0791027333
Vikings at a Glance Corbishley, Mike 0872265587
Vikings in Scotland Jarvie, Gordon 0114958130
Vikings, Fact and Fiction: Adventures of a Young Viking Place, Robin 0521315727
Vikings Ships: A Cambridge Topic Book Atkinson  
What Happened Here? Viking Street Tolhurst, Marilyn 0713638141
What Do We Know About: The Middle Ages? Howarth, Sarah 0872263843
Who Were the Vikings? Cox, Phil Rox 0746020384
World of the Medieval Knight Gravett, Christopher 0872262774
World's Great Explorer's: Leif Erikson and The Vikings Simon 0516030604