Books about the Middle Ages for Kids

suggested by members of the SCA-Librarians mailing list.


A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver. by E.L.Konigsburg.

One of my absolute favorite fictional treatments. A fictionalized version of the life of Eleanor of Acquitane. In the fantasy sequences around the story, Eleanor of Acquitaine is waiting in Heaven for her second husband, Henry II of England, to be allowed out of Purgatory. She and various close acquaintances from her past pass the time by telling the story of her life. Humorous, pungent, and capturing the flavor of Eleanor's life. Interesting side comments on William the Marshall, the building of cathedrals, Norman run, Thomas a Becket, taxes and so forth in the Middle Ages:

"Her name is Eleanor, and she is well educated."

"Does that mean, dear Abbot, that she embroiders beautifully and knows the proper order in which to hand armor to a knight?"

"Yes, it does." I smiled. "But in this case, fortunately, it also means something more. She can read Latin, and I am told that she knows a great deal of music and poetry. She comes by those talents naturally; her grandfather was a poet as well as a knight."

- recommended by Jadwiga


Pearl in the Egg by Dorothy Van Woerkom

Tale of a serf girl who runs away with a troupe of traveling players to stay free a year and a day.
The author at the back cites some references to Maltilda (I think it's Makejoy) who was a female storyteller listed in the pay rolls of a royal wedding.

- recommended by Cassandra of Wyndhaven