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Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002

Topic: Dogs, Tolkien, Music by Women, Smithing, Croquet, Food, Printmaking

Hello all. This week's links from lii.week; Based on the Book (movies from books), Ladyslipper Music (recordings by women, with soundclips of some neat period music), Old Fashioned, Rotten Tomatoes (movie review site), Tolkein online, American Farriers and Anvil Online, Croquet America, Copyright info (briefly, for those with research questions), The Food Reference Website, What is a Print (from MOMA with flash movies of how to make prints and some history), and lastly to their highnesses in thanks for the neat illumination links, Adopt-a-Greyhound Project and Digital Dog.


Aoife, Librarian

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Based on the Book -
A database of selected movies based on books. View the database by title or author of book, title of movie, or the year of its release. Covers about 500 films made from 1980 through projected releases in 2003.
Subjects: Film adaptations -- Databases | Motion

Ladyslipper Music: Recordings By Women -
"Ladyslipper is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to heighten public awareness of the achievements of women artists and musicians, and to expand the scope and availability of recordings by women." The key feature of this site is a searchable, browsable database of over 1500 recordings featuring female musicians, writers, performers, and composers. Includes many sound clips.
Subjects: Women in music | Sound recordings -- Catalogs
(note: hear clips of in-period ecclesiastical music here!) -
A browsable and searchable collection of old-fashioned, classic Victorian and vintage,
black and white clip art and images grouped in the categories of transportation, ships, people at work and play, children, old buildings, old things, reading and writing, literati and other famous people, trees, animals, and more. It includes numerous icons and small graphics, some fun animated graphics, genealogy rubber stamps, and transparent genealogy graphics in color.
Subjects: Clip art

Rotten Tomatoes -
Rotten Tomatoes is a comprehensive movie review site which captures the consensus of
professional critics from across the nation. A red tomato or a splat illustrates the prevailing opinion and pull-quotes are displayed on the first page for a quick overview of the reviews. Production information (plot synopsis, cast, director, news, etc.) and the Tomatometer gage enhance this good source for movie reviews.
Subjects: Motion pictures -- Databases | Motion pictures -- Reviews | Motion picture industry

Tolkien, J. R. R. -- 1892-1973 -
One Ring: The Complete Guide to Tolkien Online is a directory that includes sites on the author, his Lord of the Rings trilogy and other works, the 2001 movie, mailing lists, newsgroups, bibliographies, fan pages, collectable card games, videos, music, organizations, conferences, fonts, family trees, Webrings, and more.
Subjects: Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel),
1892-1973 | Authors, English -- 20th century | Fantasy fiction | People

American Farrier's Association: Related Links -
This page of links to resources related to the shoeing of horses and blacksmithing includes periodicals, schools, suppliers, and a worldwide directory of farriers (horseshoers).
Subjects: Horseshoeing | Blacksmithing | Horseshoers -- Directories -
Croquet rules, equipment, events, history, and a directory of clubs, resorts and hotels, manufacturers, suppliers, and services are features of this official site of the United States Croquet Association.
Subjects: Croquet | More new

Anvil Magazine Online: Voice of the Farrier and Blacksmith -
This site has articles, online discussion forums, humor, book and video reviews, and other resources related to shoeing of horses, hoof health, and blacksmithing. Full tables of contents of the print magazine back to June 1996 are provided, with selected articles and features available online. A paid subscription is required to access some of the material.
Subjects: Horseshoeing -- Periodicals | Blacksmithing -- Periodicals

A Brief Intro to Copyright -
A succinct explanation of copyright and fair use. Includes several useful links, including one to the author's definitive article about "copyright myths."
Subjects: Copyright | Fair use (Copyright) |

The Food Reference Website -
"Culinary history, facts, trivia, quotes, humor, poetry, crossword puzzles, recipes, newsletter," a Who's Who of Culinary Personalities, and a hotchpotch of interesting general and specialized food links are the ingredients in this Web site from a professional chef.
Subjects: Food -- Miscellanea | Cookery |

What Is a Print? -
Briefly, a print is "a work of art made up of ink on paper and existing in multiple examples. It is created not by drawing directly on paper, but through an indirect transfer process." MOMA describes woodcutting, etching, lithographic, and screenprinting techniques with animated demonstrations, galleries of examples, a glossary, and recommended reading. This site will not work without Micromedia Flash.
Subjects: Prints -- Technique | Prints -- 20th century

Digital Dog -
Provides concise observations regarding the temperament and possible physical or behavioral flaws of various dog breeds ranging from the high-strung Afghan to the affectionate Yorkshire Terrier. Includes dog stories; breeding facts; breed histories; and behavioral, selection, and care considerations including grooming, feeding, and training. A useful counterpoint to the various breed descriptions provided by the American Kennel Club.
Subject: Dogs

Adopt A Greyhound Project -
A great source for information on adopting retired racing Greyhounds. This site provides a history of Greyhounds, things to consider before you adopt, a sample application, a worldwide directory of adoption agencies, plus links other Greyhound sites. Rescue one today!
Subjects: Dogs | Adoption

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