Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 15:51:55 -0500
Subject: [SCA-AE] links: Medici, Islamic Art, Russian Museum, Da Vinci, Byzantium, Women Composers, etc...

Hello All! look, Flip! Plain vanilla text! So I'm sorry there's no hotlinks. You'll all have to cut and paste the addresses--it was the simplest way for me, with this broken finger, to get the links to you without excessive alterations. Not everyone can use hotlinks, so it'll have to be one or the other.

I'm feeling rather eclectic this week, so our selections reflect my mood: Byzantium in the year 1200, 1200 years of Italian Sculpture, The Web Gallery of Art, Fonetiks (speak a language like a native), Islamic Arts and architecture, Early Music by Women composers, Islamic Tiles, Artist's views of World History, an overview of the Renaissance, The Tower of London, the Medici Archive, State Hermitage Museum of Russia, 5,000 years of Greek Jewelry, Beadwork, The Abacus, Leonardo Da Vinci's machines, and an overview of the End of Europe's Middle Ages

Renaissance: What Inspired This Age of Balance and Order? -
This attractive site describes aspects of the European Renaissance including its origins in the Middle Ages, the rise of navigation and trade, development of the printing press, arts, and the Renaissance in Florence Italy. From Annenberg/CPB Projects Learner Online site.
Subjects: Renaissance | Middle ages -- History

NM's Creative Impulse: The Artist's view of World History and Western Civilization -
This is a good annotated and rated directory of Internet resources for the study of history. The sections include: Prehistory, Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Greece, Rome, Byzantine, Medieval, Renaissance, Exploration, Baroque, Age of Enlightenment, Revolutions, Age of Industry, and Modern. Maintained by Nancy B. Mautz, a high school history teacher.
Subject: History

Early Islamic Tiles -
An exhibit of over 100 ceramic tiles collected by Lockwood de Forest II, a partner of Louis Comfort Tiffany, in the Middle East during 1875-82. The viewer can enlarge the thumbnails of the tile and obtain information on the original location, age, composition, and condition of the work. Notes on the collector, his travels, and his work are also available.
Subject: Tiles, Islamic

1200 years of Italian Sculpture -
This collection that includes Italy's finest sculptural works from medieval through modern times is a visual treat. The site can be explored several ways including artist name; individual page listings by period (Romanesque and Early Middle Ages, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Modern); and by the cities where the sculpture is located (mostly Italian, but several representative cities worldwide). In English and Italian.
Subject: Sculpture, Italian

Byzantium 1200 -
This site is a project that is creating computer models of Byzantine
monuments that no longer exist. Each model includes a description and image of palaces, aqueducts, arches, columns, and other built objects originally located in Istanbul, Turkey and dating from 1200 A.D.
Subjects: Istanbul (Turkey) -- Buildings, structures, etc | Architecture,

Early Music Women Composers Webring -
This is a tour through the archives on early women music composers of the International Alliance on Women in Music, starting with ancient and Byzantine times and going up to 1800. "Articles on women in early music are accompanied by parallel fine art illustrations, often by early women artists, along with CD recommendations, song texts, and MIDI soundfiles." Searchable.
Subjects: Women composers | Music

Islamic Arts & Architecture Organization -
This searchable site provides historical and cultural information on Arabic calligraphy, architecture including the Taj Mahal, coins, Oriental rugs, and highlights of the history of "early Arab-Islamic as well as Islamic dynasties and ruling parties." There are also an international listing of museums with Islamic and Arabic exhibits, a FAQ, and a listing of related TV programs.
Subjects: Art, Islamic | Architecture, Islamic The Online Language Laboratory -
This "archive of human speech sounds" is a resource for people learning a language who want to really sound like a native speaker. There are audio clips demonstrating sounds in French (and French
Canadian), Spanish, German (and Swiss German), Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese (Romanji), Indonesian, and Thai. Students of English can hear the accents of American, British, Australian, Canadian, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh speakers.
Created by: dfs

Web Gallery of Art -
This resource is "a searchable database of European painting and sculpture of the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods (1200-1700), currently containing over 6,500 reproductions. Biographies, commentaries, guided tours are available."

End of Europe's Middle Ages: Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries -
This multimedia tutorial provides "a brief overview of the conditions at the end of Europe's Middle Ages, the tutorial is presented in a series of chapters that summarize the economic, political, religious and intellectual environment of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries." Sections include: Economy, Feudal Institutions , New Monarchies, Holy Roman Empire, Italy's City-States, Eastern Europe, Ottoman Empire, The Church, Literature, Visual Arts, and Music. Produced by The Applied History Research Group at the University of Calgary.
Subjects: Middle ages -- History | Renaissance

Leonardo, da Vinci - 1452-1519 -
This site presents a collection of close to forty models and drawings of machines designed by the artist, as well as three architectural models. Includes important events in Leonardo's life; background on his manuscripts, with links to where they are housed; and related links.
Subjects: Leonardo, da Vinci, 1452-1519 -- Knowledge -- Engineering | Inventions -- History -- Exhibitions | People

The Abacus: the Art of Calculating with Beads -
This site is an excellent introduction to the abacus. There is information on the construction, history, and use of the abacus (including detailed instructions on performing addition and subtraction functions), as well as comparisons of abacuses from different cultures. Users with Java-enabled browsers can play with an interactive abacus that indicates the value of each column as one manipulates the beads by clicking the mouse.
Subject: Abacus

Beadwork -
This site has annotated links to such topics as collecting,
making, and buying beads and using them in fiber arts; the business aspects of beadmaking; color/art theory; beadwork groups; prayer, power, and spirituality beads; and a section on research and history of beads. There are also descriptions of so many patterns that patterns has its own set of topics that include looms, kits, and stringing. The tutorials section has directions for various projects suitable for beginners through advanced beaders. How-tos for basic stitches (such as brick and peyote) and advanced stiches are also available.
Subject: Beads

Greek Jewelry: 5,000 Years of Tradition -
A history of Greek jewelry beginning with the prehistoric Aegean through to the present day. Emphasis is on gold items. Many images are included.
Subject: Jewelry -- Greece

State Hermitage Museum -
Founded in 1764 by Catherine the Great, the State Museum of Russia is a great treasure house and now it's online. Take a virtual tour, check to see if your favorite artwork will be displayed before you plan a trip, read about the various departments and curators, learn the Hermitage's history, read descriptions of the various collections, and look at magnificent art. The Digital Collection, searchable 'using visual tools', includes: Painting, Prints and Drawings; Sculpture; Jewelry; Machinery and Mechanisms; Arms and Armour; Furniture and Carriages; Ceramics and Porcelain; Applied Arts; Numismatics and Glyptics; Costume; Archaeological Artifacts; and Textiles.
Subjects: Museums -- Russia -- St. Petersburg | Art museums -- Russia -- St. Petersburg

Medici Archive -
Established by Grand Duke Cosimo I in 1569, the archive consists of nearly 3 million letters that offer a "panorama of two-hundred years of human history, as told in the words of the people most immediately involved." This developing, searchable project currently contains 2,600 pages of sample document reports. Areas are: Arts & Humanities, including antiquities, arms, art, books, ceramics, coins, drawings, animals, food, fortification, furniture, sports, gardens, glassware, jewels, maps, medicine, music, theater, timepieces, and more; Jewish History (religion and culture); and the history of Costume and Textiles. Documents in Italian, with English translations.
Subjects: History, Modern -- 17th century | History, Modern -- 18th century | Jews -- History

The Tower of London -
A virtual tour of this most famous (and infamous) fortress in London. Queen Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn, William Wallace, Sir Thomas More, and many others spent much time here. From its origins as royal palace to its legendary use as a royal dungeon, this site offers QuickTime panoramas, spy and ghost stories, games, Crown Jewel information, guard interviews, and amusing things that the guards overhear everyday on the grounds from tourists. See also the official site.
Subjects: Tower of London (London, England) | Great Britain -- History