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Subject: [SCA-AE] Links: Rattan, Jewish History, Masks, Humanities, Woodworking, Spices, Conquistadors, Online Texts, more

Hi all. This week: Rattan sources, Jewish History, Biographies of notable Christians, Spice encyclopedias, Online free E-books (MANY HISTORICAL), Conquistadors, Storytelling, Woodworking with hand tools, And the Special Collection of the National Library of the Netherlands (lots of good historical stuff). The rattan links are my own find, all others must be accompanied with the following blurb if forwarded.


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The International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) is an international organization created by 22 Member States of the United Nations, and has Headquarters in Beijing, China. Through a growing Network of participating organizations and individuals from all continents, INBAR develops and assists in the transfer of appropriate technologies and solutions to benefit the peoples of the world and their environment.
We supply all manner of tropical décor including bamboo and rattan poles; yellow, green, turtle, black, thick wall, all dia. 1/4" - 6" from 2' to 12' in length. ***Ed note: Adobe acrobat needed to view their catalog
American Bamboo Society (ABS) has compiled a Source List of bamboo plants and products. The List includes 383 kinds (species, subspecies, varieties, forms, cultivars, and clones) of bamboo available from 76 sources, plus many bamboo-related products, available from 37 additional sources. ** Ed note: many of the merchants at the above link
carry rattan.

The Jewish History Resource Center -
The Dinur Center for Research in Jewish History offers a site with over 6,000 staff evaluated links in 30 categories. Users may search by time periods, topics, resources (maps, documents, etc.), or organizations. Tools include indexes in English,
Spanish, and Hebrew. The site receives daily updates.
Subjects: Jews -- History...
Created by: bb

Humbul Humanities Hub -
This searchable, browsable directory of Internet resources includes archaeology, classics, history, philosophy, history and philosophy of science, religion and theology, American studies, humanities computing, linguistics, languages, and literature. Developed for the United Kingdom's higher education community, it is a good tool for anyone doing research in the humanities on the Web.
Subjects: Humanities -- Computer network resources | Humanities --
Directories | Humanities -- Study and teaching

James Kiefer's Christian Biographies -
Hundreds of saints, martyrs, spiritual writers, and other key figures. Browse alphabetically, chronologically, by month, or by liturgical year. Updates available by free e-mail subscription.
Subjects: Christians -- Biography | Christian saints | Christian martyrs |
Theologians | Missionaries | Clergy

Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages -
Detailed information on over one hundred spices including the history, chemical constituents, culinary use, and etymology of the plant names. There are several indices: alphabetic (a large file which may load slowly), geographic, morphologic (the part of the plant used in cookery), botanical, and Spice mixtures (e.g., five spice powder, Thai curry pastes). The site is also keyword searchable and is available in both German and English, with spice names in several other languages. Use the keyword search or the alphabetic index if you know only the foreign name of a spice.
Subject: Spices

Spice and Herb Encyclopedia -
Created by the Culinary Café, this site offers general descriptions, geographical sources, traditional ethnic uses, taste and aroma, history and region of origin, and creative uses of over forty spices and herbs.
Subjects: Spices | Herbs | Cookery (Herbs) | Cookery (Spices)

Conquistadors -
This site, illustrated with period maps, drawings, letters, etc., follows the paths of conquistadors Hernán Cortés in Aztecan Mexico, Francisco Pizarro in the Incan Empire, Cabeza de Vaca in Texas, and Francisco de Orellana on the Amazon River. Sidebar icons tell of the motivations and effects of conquest. Inspired by a PBS series narrated by filmmaker Michael Wood.
Subjects: America -- Discovery and exploration -- Spanish | Latin America -- History -- To 1600 | Native Americans -- First contact with Europeans | Explorers -- Spain -- Biography

Electronic Neanderthal Woodworker -
In woodworking, Neanderthals are the devotees of hand tools and traditional methods. The sections devoted to Tools, Woods, and other materials list real as well as virtual vendors. Places features a list of links to museums and other places to see old tools, on and off the Web. Other sections include Events, Groups, Books, and Lore - which leads to some good woodworking FAQs and tutorials. Finally, the annotated list of links to other woodworking sites includes a guide to discussion groups and online woodworking media.
Subject: Woodworking

Online Texts Collection -
Over 18,000 titles that can be browsed or searched by author, title, or Dewey Decimal Classification. The fields in the record entries can also be searched. From the Reading Room of the Internet Public Library. These aren't just the out-of-print classics. Try a search on "digital" or "electronic."
Subjects: Full-text | Electronic books -- Directories | Electronic books -- Databases

Book Arts Web -
Home of the Book_Arts-L mailing list archive as well as an extensive collection of links to pages on bookbinding, paper arts, calligraphy, conservation and repair, typography and more.
Subjects: Books -- Conservation and restoration | Bookbinding

Highlights from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek -
An eclectic sampling of manuscripts, printed works, bookbindings, cartographic materials, and specimens from the paper history collection in the Department of Special Collections of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library of the Netherlands). This digital book of 100 exquisite plates, covering a period from the Middle Ages into the Twentieth Century, is presented with extensive introduction, explanatory notes, and index. Available in Dutch or English.
Subjects: National libraries -- Netherlands -- Exhibitions | Books --

Masks -
A comprehensive site covering a large range of mask-related information including, in addition to the large mask collection, an annotated list of the best mask sites, contemporary masks, a list of stolen masks, artists, and organizations. The mask collection can be browsed by clickable map, geographic region, or by name of culture.
Subject: Masks

Storynet -
An extensive resource created by the National Storytelling Association. Besides information on its own activities, there are links to collections of resource stories; other storytelling organizations and sites; newsgroups, newsletters and online magazines; and lists of professional storytellers.
Subject: Storytelling
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