Message: 23
   Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 10:45:38 -0500
   From: "L Herr-Gelatt" <>
Subject: [SCA-AE] Links: Mythical Monsters, Pearls, Wood working, Ancient
Medicine, Medieval Search Engine, Ren Fair Directory

Hello All. This week's links: Mythical creatures, Pearls (types, history,
how they are produced), The Wood Exchange (for woodworkers---info about
various types, where they come from and what's endangered), Antiqua Medecina
(ancient Medecine), a Medieval search engine called Argos, Ancient World
Web, and a Directory of Renaissance Fairs.

There's a few less links this week. I had to go trawling for history related
links, and thought you'd all like to know that I'm attempting to make the
list less general-related SCA interest and more direct-related SCA and
history interest. Basically, if I didn't think there'd be a broad interest,
I've eliminated the selection. Hope that meets with everyone's approval.



NOTE: Use of the annotations from this list must be accompanied by:
Copyright 2002 by Librarians' Index to the Internet,

Gareth Long's Encyclopedia of Monsters, Mythical
     Creatures and Fabulous Beasts -
          Long's site contains the myths and stories of a
          multitude of monsters and mythical creatures
          from many cultures. The site is enhanced by
          drawings and paintings of banshees, Cyclops,
          Hydras, and many more fabulous creatures.
          Subjects: Animals, Mythical... .
          Created by: jhg

Pearls -
          This exhibition covers the many types of
          freshwater and marine pearls, how pearls are
          obtained, and the history of pearls in society
          from ancient times to modern day. In the
          section on What are pearls? you will learn
          naturally occurring pearls appear in only one of
          10,000 mollusks; what starts a pearl is much
          more likely a stray food particle than a grain of
          sand; and, since the early 20th century, most
          pearls are cultured.
          Subjects: Pearls...

Argos - Limited Area Search of the Ancient and Medieval Internet -
A search engine covering just Web sites related to the Ancient and Medieval
world. Filters out unwanted information by limiting searches to preselected
Web sites deemed by a group of editors to be scholarly and topical.
Associate Sites is the list of sites searched.

Ancient World Web -
This site presents annotated lists, gathered into broad categories, of Web
sites that document medieval - and older - history, theory, and scholarship.
With a few exceptions, coverage stops at 1000 A.D. Site features include a
news Web log and an invitation to suggest additions and changes. The Ask Dr.
Dig page archives questions and answers about archaeology. Searchable.
Subjects: History, Ancient | Middle ages -- History

The Directorie of Renaissance Faires -
Users can search this attractive site for Renaissance and medieval festivals
in many countries. There are links to clans, guilds, groups, and vendors
involved in fairs, historical reenactments, and living history displays.
Subjects: Fairs | Festivals | Historical reenactments

The Wood Exchange -
Search over fifteen hundred species by scientific or common name, location,
or keyword, or go straight to popular species. Information includes colors,
workability, grain, common uses, and maps. Resources contains a glossary,
information on forestry in over two hundred countries, an alphabetical list
of the species in the database, and a bibliography. Other features include a
list of threatened commercial species, discussion forums, and an invitation
to users to add information. Most information requires registration.
Subjects: Wood | Lumber trade | Forests and forestry |

Antiqua Medicina: From Homer to Vesalius -
A survey of medicine from early Greece through Byzantine times. Among the
topics covered are women (both as healers and patients), military medicine,
cults, Hippocrates, and Galen. Illustrated with classic art works. From the
Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, University of Virginia.
Subjects: Medicine, Ancient -- Exhibitions |