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   Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 11:17:09 -0500
   From: "L Herr-Gelatt" <>
Subject: [SCA-AE] Links; Anthrop-and Archae-ology, Weaving, Museums,
Puppetry, Vikings, Ceramics, Digital Library collections

Greetings All! This week's links: Anthropology and Archaeology links for we
rabid researchers, Weaving, Museums, Art in several approaches, Nordic
Underwater Archeaology (I wasted a good ten minutes playing with the
interactive link-button for the History of Shipbuilding, alone ;),
International Puppetry, Vikings (somewhere in these pages is a terrific link
to the Jorvik Viking Center in York---*flash reccomended*) , Ceramics, and
lastly the Cornell University Prototype Digital Library which has an image
library with works from our period along with the Icelandic Sagas links

If you aren't viewing this post in plain vanilla text, you might note that a
simple search with the word museum (the word highlighted in each entry)
brought up all this wealth of material ;). The internet is like a box of
chocolates. You never know what you're going to get.

Enjoy! As always, feel free to forward this stuff anywhere it's wanted so
long as the copyright notice is included.


NOTE: Use of the annotations from this list must be accompanied by:
Copyright 2002 by Librarians' Index to the Internet,

Guide to Internet Resources in Anthropology -
Lots of good information. Includes links to anthropologists, anthropology
departments, anthropology and archaeoloy sites/digs, museums, literature,
jobs, and more.
Subject: Anthropology

Anthropology Resources on the Internet -
A great place to begin searches for anthropology materials on the Internet.
Includes lists of discussion groups; programs and files via FTP; gopher
servers; World Wide Web servers on general anthropology, archaeology,
archaeological digs, linguistics, cultural anthropology, physical
anthropology, museums, academic departments, other institutions, commercial
sites; electronic journals and archives; and other anthropology resource
Subjects: Anthropology | Archaeology

Ruthe's Collection of Weaving Resources -
An excellent source of information about fiber arts in general, and weaving
in particular. Annotated links in an interesting format. Linkable table at
the top of the page leads to expanded information about the links farther
down the page. Sites covered include spinning, weaving and looms, dyes and
dyeing, twining, a world-wide guilds list for weavers and spinners and fibre
artists, and a special section covering art exhibits and museums around the
Subjects: Textile fabrics | Weaving

Virtual Library museums pages (VLmp) -
A directory of museums throughout the world, this site groups museums by
country and then lists them in alphabetical order. Museums in the United
States are searchable by name, type, or state. Developed by Jonathan Bowen
of the Oxford University Computing Laboratory, the site is now supported by
the International Council of Museums (ICOM). All links are in English unless
otherwise stated.
Subject: Museums

Art Guide: the Art Lover's Guide to Britain and Ireland -
A comprehensive Internet guide to the art collections of Great Britain and
Ireland. Organized by museum, artist, exhibitions (what's on), and location
(maps). The database currently contains more than 1,900 artists, more than
650 museums, more than 4,500 individual listings, and comprehensive
exhibitions listings. For each artist there is a list of their works and
where they can be found; for each museum, Web site if available, a list of
outstanding works in the collection, an address, telephone number and links
to other museums in the same region.
Subjects: Artists | Art museums -- Great Britain

Nordic Underwater Archaeology -
This large directory categorizes and annotates links to maritime archaeology
resources worldwide. What is Underwater Archeology explores shipwrecks,
ports, and dwellings around the Nordic coast. The Virtual Museum contains
maritime archeological finds around the world including Egypt, Portugal, and
Russia, with some information about the Titanic. Additionally, there are
worldwide listings of Museums, Societies, Authorities & Contacts; Courses &
Academic Departments; Projects; and Wrecks. There is also information on,
and histories of, Replicas & Shipbuilding; a section on Documents,
Literature, Journals, Conferences; information about Tools & Techniques;
related Miscellaneous Links; Diving; and a Glossary.
Subject: Underwater archaeology

Puppetry Resources Worldwide -
Here's a unique site devoted to the art of making puppets and using them in
performances. Coverage is worldwide through a collection of links for puppet
theaters, festivals, museums, organizations, performers, and performance
companies. Links are provided for various cultures' traditions such as
Indonesian shadow puppets or France's Guignol. Different types of puppetry
are included, such as animatronics, ventriloquism, giant puppets, and
marionettes. Other links provide instructions for puppet building and
sources for materials or buying puppets. Read the latest puppetry news,
place free classifieds, join a newsgroup or mailing list, and link to even
more sites.
Subjects: Puppet theater | Puppets

The World of the Vikings -
This annotated guide to Internet resources on the Vikings includes academic
sites, e-mail lists, museums, re-enactment organizations, and retail sites.
There are also links to sources of information on runes, sagas, ships, and
mead (the beverage).
Subjects: Middle ages -- History | Vikings

CeramicsWeb -
This resource for ceramic artists and students features searchable databases
of glaze recipes and ceramics materials, news about museums and pottery
exhibitions, health and safety information, and an extensive list of links.
Subject: Pottery

CGFA - A Virtual Art Museum -
Carol Gerten's Fine Art is an extensive collection of several thousand
images, covering medieval to early 20th century. Featured artists are
usually accompanied by a brief biographical sketch from Microsoft Encarta.
Searchable or browsable by artist name, time-frame, or nationality. You can
scan thumbnail images and then bring up the full-sized one you want. Was
Carol Jackson's - CJFA).
Subjects: Art | Artists

The Cornell University Prototype Digital Library -
Among digitized graphic and text resources available at this site are the
Making of America collection, Math book collection, Ezra Cornell papers,
National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) agriculture collection, Core
historical literature of agriculture, full text articles in Africana digital
periodicals, Icelandic sagas, Division of rare and manuscripts digital
collections, and exhibits from the Johnson museum of art permanent
Subject: Digital libraries

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