Links to Websites on SCA and Medieval Topics
Collected by Dame Aoife

Date: 27 Dec 2001

Topic: Cool Links: Theatre, Literature, Food, Heraldry, etc.

Hallo All. This week's links were pretty thin on the ground for SCA interest
so I went trawling for my own. I hope you enjoy: Coats of Arms from Ireland,
OOP OT but fun Countdown for the New Year (customize for your time zone.
Party hats optional), Primer for Accessible Webpages, Food Timeline and
History of Eating Utensils, Medieval Drama Links, Concordance of Great Works
(find your weighty tomes here!), Saganet (Viking Sagas), Life and works of
Geoffrey Chaucer, Intro to Representative Poetry (inc. Medieval poetry), and
Scottish Writers (a history of Scotts literature begining with the Roman

Cheers and happy new year


NOTE: Use of the annotations from this list must be accompanied by:
Copyright 2001 by Librarians' Index to the Internet,

Coats of Arms from Ireland and Around the World -
        "Over 2000 FREE coats of arms from Ireland and
        around the world in GIF format." There is also a
        collection of "articles relating to Proto-Heraldry in
        Early Christian Ireland, Heraldry in Ireland, Gaelic
        Irish Heraldry and Heraldic Practice, The Coats of
        Arms of Irish Septs, The Meaning of Coats of Arms,
        Clans and Chieftains in Ireland, Mac and O in Irish
        Surnames, The Distortion of Irish Surnames, Irish
        Personal Names and Spurious Coats of Arms."
        Subjects: Heraldry -- Ireland | Names, Personal -- Irish

Countdown to New Year -
        Count down to the New Year. Customize to your local
        time zone, or view multiple time zones at once. Party
        hat optional.
        Subjects: New Year | Calendars | Time -- Systems and

    Primer for Accessible Web Pages -
Brief, clear guidance for designing Web pages that comply with federal
guidelines for accessibility.
Subjects: Computers and the disabled | Web site development | More new

The Food Timeline -
Useful for locating food history and period recipes. "All information is
checked against standard reference tools for accuracy." From the Morris
County Library in New Jersey.
Subjects: Food -- History | Food -- Chronology | Cookery

History of Eating Utensils -
Learn about the history of common eating utensils. This site covers knives,
forks, spoons, chopsticks, and portable cutlery. Includes graphics and a
bibliography. See also A History of Eating Utensils in the West: A Brief
Timeline. From the Rietz Food Technology Collection in the Anthropology
Department at the California Academy of Sciences.
Subject: Tableware -- History
Medici Archive -
Established by Grand Duke Cosimo I in 1569, the archive consists of nearly 3
million letters that offer a "panorama of two-hundred years of human
history, as told in the words of the people most immediately involved." This
developing, searchable project currently contains 2,600 pages of sample
document reports. Areas are: Arts & Humanities, including antiquities, arms,
art, books, ceramics, coins, drawings, animals, food, fortification,
furniture, sports, gardens, glassware, jewels, maps, medicine, music,
theater, timepieces, and more; Jewish History (religion and culture); and
the history of Costume and Textiles. Documents in Italian, with English
Subjects: History, Modern -- 17th century | History, Modern -- 18th century
| Jews -- History

Medieval Drama Links -
Annotated collection of links to information on the Internet. Ordered by:
Texts, Articles, and Books; Performance, Set design, Props & Make-up, and
Discussion groups; Costumes, Illustrated material; Music & Dance;
Instruments; Other Medieval Drama Lists; and Other Theatre links.
Subjects: Theater -- History -- Medieval, 500-1500 | Drama, Medieval

Concordances of Great Books -
Over 450 classics of literature are here, in the genres of fiction, poetry,
philosophy, religion, drama, and history. Currently, over 100 authors are
represented. You can view the list alphabetically or by author. Once you
make a selection, search to find a particular passage within the book. There
are three methods to search, with easy, complete instructions on how to do
it. One way is to look at an alphabetical listing of the words (the actual
Subjects: Literature | Concordances | Full-text

Saganet -
The Saganet digitization project brings to the Web thousands of manuscript
and printed pages of Old Icelandic literature and critical works published
before 1900. Germanic/Nordic mythology (the Eddas), the history of Norwegian
kings, contemporary sagas, and tales from the European age of chivalry are
among the manuscripts, and many contain Icelandic ballads (rimur), poetry,
and epigrams. Searchable by various fields and manuscript types, and
browsable by subject and uniform and proper titles. The National and
University Library of Iceland has partnered with Cornell University and the
Árni Magnússon Institute to create this impressive database.
Subjects: Manuscripts, Icelandic -- Databases | Sagas | Old Norse literature

Chaucer, Geoffrey -- d. 1400 -
This site contains a brief biography and timeline of Chaucer's life and
times. Portions of the Canterbury Tales are interspersed with explanations
and links to definitions. Information is included about other authors of the
time. Literary Subjects includes background and examples of popular drama,
Breton lay, English romance, love visions, lyric poetry, fabliaux, and
rhetoric/style. There is information about Life and Manners (courtly love,
eating, women writers, tournaments, chivalric life, pilgrimages) and Science
(astronomy/astrology). Language and Linguistics contains Middle English
grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation guide (requires QuickTime) as well as
a history of English in the fourteenth century.
Subjects: Chaucer, Geoffrey, d. 1400 | English literature | English language
| People

Introduction to Representative Poetry On-line: Version 2.09 -
A historical anthology of English poetry, from the early medieval period to
the beginning of the twentieth century, which includes over 2300 poems by
more than 360 authors. Works are indexed by poet, first line, title, date,
and keyword. Also includes a timeline and calendar of significant events
(births, deaths, publications, etc.) in the history of poetry and a glossary
of poetic terms and forms. Writings on poetry contains criticism by poets
and readers. From the English Department at the University of Toronto.
Subject: English poetry

Scottish Writers -
A history of Scottish literature beginning with the Roman invaders. It
continues through the present day and includes artistic movements and the
Scottish language. Biographical information and bibliographies of the works
of hundreds of Scottish authors of fiction, poetry and drama from throughout
the centuries are available. There is a FAQ and a Quick Guide to the
Classics as well as related resources. Additionally, there is an archive of
the book reviews of the site's author, Andrew Crumey, writer for Scotland On
Subjects: Authors, Scottish | Scottish literature


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