Comments on the Crossbow Links list

I dont mean to split hairs, but your archery links are quite Euro-centric,
and other cultures have been practicing forms earlier than listed in the
chronology.  For example the Chinese had developed crossbows in large numbers
by 700 BC/BCE (and repeating ones later, commonly thought by 400BC/BCE) and
as such predate the slow development by the uncivilised west.

Here's a cut and paste of various info on Asian archery FYI, though i could
drag up some more crossbow specific ones:


Asian Traditional Archery Network
This site is maintained be Stephen Selby, who authored the book Chinese
Archery ( ), and is the best
single source for articles on Asian archery. It has articles on most
anything relating to archery in Asia. The book poses the theory that
Kyudo evolved out of Tang(?) dynasty Chinese Archery technique and the
medatative aspect of it evolved from Qigong which he says is an integral
part of archery in China.

You can see Selby demonstrating a Chinese archery technique on my

I have some other pages on Archery on my website as well:
(I did not fire the antique arrow in the picture, just posed to have a
good photo for the website)
(You may recognize Jaap in the demonstrations as he merchants at Pennsic
under the name Yumi. The top picture is his teacher, the Imperial
Bowmaker to the Japanese Emperor - forgot his name though)

Here's a couple others that may be of interest. I'm sorry I don't have
more but I haven't worked on my archery web pages in a while.
This magazine has some interesting articles in its back issue list but
this is the only relevant one online.
A nice, but huge, MPEG on Mounted Archery in Hungary.

I hope you find some of this useful.


Cheers, Ozbeg