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13th Century Spanish Loom by Forest Butera, Summerisle Spinners and Weavers, Inc. (Site Excerpt) Summerisle Spinners and Weavers, Inc. has embarked on its biggest project yet - building a replica of a 13th century Spanish floor > loom! The original loom can be seen at Medieval Life Village adjacent to the Medieval Times dinner theater in Kissimmee, Florida. The loom is now finished and ready for demonstration at the South Florida Renaissance Festival in February, 2000. Our loom builder is Allen Jones of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.Click on any of the following pictures to see an enarged version.


There is no actual proof that the loom they copied is 13th century. From Thora Sharptooth on the SCAWeaving list:

<< Here's the relevant quotation from the woman who said she copied it, Peggy B. (weaver <> weaver@..>), from her posting on 6 January 2000. "I have not been able to find out much about the loom, other than the original owner of the village/museum went to Spain himself years ago to collect the loom and other artifacts that are used and displayed in the Village. No one at the Village could tell me how to get in touch with the owner. I have no proof that the loom is 700 years old - I'm just going by the information displayed at the Village." Since the loom the Summerisle people copied belongs to the oh-so-commercial Medieval Times dinner theatre crowd, I'd definitely doubt the age claimed for it.

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