Date: Tue Jul 9, 2002 7:50 pm
Subject: Bonus Links: Handweaving, Early and Viking Textiles

Hello everyone. This one is all about handweaving and fiber arts. It's espescially for: Rosamunde, Rowan and Ragnar, Phiala, Orianna, Valgardr, Rhiannon y Bwa and all those other interested fiber freaks out there! I'm

Again, I'm rushed this week, so the annotation is minimal. Feel free to forward these links wherever they will find a use.

Techie stuff: My browser isn't continuing the hotlinks when the line wraps, so if it's a problem for you, too, and it's a long address, remember to use cut and past to get the entire link into the browser address bar.

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Beginner's Weaving Website

Handweaver's Webring;list

The Weaver's Hand
(Site Excerpt) An information page for weavers! Specifically for those interested in Tablet Weaving, Kumihimo, and Plysplitting, but peruse the links if your interests lie elsewhere.

Guntram's Tablet Weaving (Includes Guntram's Tablet Weaving Thingy, a computer application for designing tablet patterns)

Kurt Laitenberger's Tablet Weaving Page
Includes links to patterns for: Warp Twined, Egyptian Diagonal, Bands with inscriptions, twill binding, 3-tablet threads, etc. Many beautiful designs on display.

Ethnic Weaving Techniques and Tablet Weaving
(Site Excerpt) Weaving is a very special and ancient craft. Very often it is part of the creation history of a people. With the most simple means but with a rich fantasy and knowledge man created and creates beautiful weaves of great diversity for clothing, shelter and other means. These unknown weavers from other times or cultures have always been an inspiration to me. I am especially interested in etnic weaving techniques and tablet weaving. It is worth while that this knowledge can be preserved and kept alive to make it available to new generations. I hope my weavings, classes and publications will be a contribution to this.

The Loomy Bin
(Site Excerpt)This site provides design tools and patterns for handweavers. The tools can be used over the internet. In the case of card weaving, you can also install and run the software locally on your computer. To use the tools over the internet, your computer needs to have a Java enabled browser and needs to support Javascript. The tools are for card weaving and loom weaving. (Warning: not for MAC users)

An Inkle Weaving Bibliography

Continuous warping on an TWinkle Loom (Note TWinkle means Tablet Weaving Inkle Loom: originally published in TWIST, a weaver's newsletter)

On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics
(Site Excerpt) The On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics contains material on weaving, woven textiles, looms, textile manufacture, spinning, dyeing, fibers, pattern design, and basketry. Most documents are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).Important Notice: Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher is required to access the PDFs on this site. It's free and available for a wide range of platforms

Þóra's (Thora's) Textile Resources for the Re-enactor
(Site Excerpt)Welcome to my filing cabinet! Here you will find links to some articles, bibliographies, and weaving drafts I have produced on the subject of Western textile history that may be of interest to Dark Ages, medieval, and Renaissance re-enactors. Some of these are reprinted from various group newsletters inside and outside the re-enactor community; others are teaching aids from classes I have taught. Now that the website's been here over five years, though, many of the works here have been produced specifically for web publication. All of them are copyright © by me, Carolyn Priest-Dorman.
As a Viking Age re-enactor I am most often known as Þóra Sharptooth, a tenth-century steader from the area near Jorvík in the Danelaw. However, my interest in textiles is by no means limited to Vikings or the so-called Dark Ages.

Viking Loom Bibliography

A photo of a re-enactment warp-weighted loom appears at the bottom of this page

These folks are working on a re-enactment village, complete with loom.

This site has some textile patterns based on finds at Birka

Roman Loom article

York Archaeology has found some clay loom weights

This site has a reproduction viking loom (photo on the page).

This site has some limited information about textiles. It lists sources
(the main reason I offer it here)

North European Symposium on Archaeological Textiles

Textile resources for the re-enactor

Bibliography of Handweaving sources for SCA use
(possibly Thora Sharptooth's)

Regia Anglorum Textiles

Regia Anglorum Wool and Stuff (textiles in period)

Textiles through Time

A bibliography of textile references